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FIRST EDITION original cover Paperback, Matte Finish

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Welcome to the Rim. Come seek your fortune in a paradise of endless sun. Land is cheap and the possibilities endless, where the edge of the map meets the end.

The mining campaigns always forget a few details. Moon Season makes storms volatile. You’re more likely to be killed by your neighbor than strike a crystal vein, and there’s only one name you should bother knowing around here: Revere.

Moira and her granddaughter Adelaide are professionals. Smugglers, thieves, and arms dealers, the Revere women have lifted their family business from the dust, and with their train they’ve become the most notorious gang in the territory.

After an accident damages her sister’s eyes, Adelaide finds an opportunity that will not only pay for a sight-saving operation but pull the family from the shadows of the back market for good. Accompanied by her sisters, Adelaide guides a survey crew into the uncharted West Rim –a poisonous desert concealing untapped riches– with the full intent to claim the fortune for themselves.

But when Moira learns a bounty has been placed on the family, she discovers a deeper plan already in motion that will change the Rim forever.

FIRST EDITION cover -no longer in print

Paperback, Matte Finish

CIBA OZMA FINALIST (2022) for Fantasy Fiction 
Feathered Quill Book Award FINALIST (2023) for Debut Author & Science Fiction
RONE Nominee (2023) for Fantasy/Urban Fantasy


“The most haunting demonstrations of female power ever seen in western fantasy.”
– Ind’Tale Magazine

“Creative, thoughtful and empowering.”
– Lilla Glass, author of The Unseen
“Strikingly feminist…in a category all its own.”
– Goodreads Librarian, 5 Star Review 

“Authentic and chilling.”
-Karen Eisenbrey, author of Daughter of Magic

“This book simply seeps into your pores.”
-N.N. Light, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

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